Walk with Speculative Artifacts

Do you want to discover the city from another perspective? Are you curious about collective performative walking? Do you like speculating and imagining things? Do you like to gather small elements? Or, are you simply a fan of discovering the city? 

Artist Kamila Wolszczak invites you to a walking adventure. To walk together in public space and reflect on alternative methods of experiencing urban public space.  To focus on the micro perspective and details to observe other relationships with the artifacts, nature the horticulture and infrastructure; to open our body sensations and connect with our imagination.

💭About project
Multispecies philosopher Donna Haraway says that we need narratives that help us imagine worlds with more meaning. We need to become response-able to the situation we find ourselves in.
So, how to empathise with other perspectives? Can you focus on details in public space? Do you see other relations than human?

Field Academy by Cocky Eek – Zone2Source, Tasha Arlova Photography

The small physical elements on the sidewalk or broken artifacts lost or found give us multiple possibilities to create fiction about temporary relations and migrations in between matter and bodies. In this project, more important than the content or the message, is the sharing of thoughts that accompanies our walk.

During the walkshop we practice the walking method, how to shift focus from a vertical position and look deeper down at micro-relations. Through moving forward, observing, sharing and gathering we will collectively find a more meaningful world that unfolds as our desire path for dialogue where one withholds judgement. When you prepare for this carefully, many beautiful, strange and conflicting things can happen in this common public space. Let’s co-create this walkshop together.

The walkshops are part of the artistic research Invisible relations
– 14th September 2022, The Hague
24th September 2022, Zone2Source Amsterdam
– 28th September 2022, VOX-POP Amsterdam
– 8th October 2022, Almere

18th November 2022, Tilburg