You see things I imagined

sculptures, 2021

curtain, 2021
size: 200cm x 200cm materials: plastic foil, polimer glue, dirt, resine

vinyl’s hands, 2021
size: 120cm x 50cm x 17cm materials: vinyl, aluminium, paper, dirt, polimer glue

Wolszczak’s work confronts disgust, contemplating nature through its by-products while prettying up the concept of “dirt.” This new body of work, You see things I imagined, expands the artist’s performance based oeuvre into a sculptural representation. Translucent materials contrast with collected artifacts, juxtaposing “cleanliness” with an encrusted patina. While the context of global germophobia informs the inclusion of single use gloves and the collection of natural specimens.

Sam Stevens, curator of the exhibition at Forma Otwarta Oleśnica, PL 2021

Media: Szum Magazyn Label Magazine

photos A.Wałaszek