performance, 2017

Draught is a live action that took place during the opening of the exhibition and lasted 25 minutes.
The art work is to chase and catch the projected image of the movement of a sticky kite flying in the dunes. The projected image is ‘glued’ to the wall with adhesive tape and refers to an attempt to catch fleeting moments, impressions, air movements. The sound of the wind from the dunes mixes with the tearing of the plastic tape, like a camera in my hands. After the performance, when the projection disappears, there is a record of the kite’s movement on the wall along with the movement of myself.

Draught was my solo exhibition, visual and performance art at Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
March 30 – April 14, 2017
curator: Mariusz Jodko
more info: www.entropia.art.pl