Wroclaw, Poland (June 2016)

This edition of SUW  was organized in a former building of a boiler house (later a car workshop and today an abundant object) located on Tarnogórska Street in Księże Małe, a district of Wrocław. This part of the city is a unique example of a modernist workers district – avant-garde, self-sufficient areat with central heating, central laundry, shops, school, mechanic and with unique rain water retention basins. Currently abandoned buildings are the visible effect of urban decay in this district. Being located on the main arterial south-east road, surrounded by new investments and close-by the river Odra it makes it a perfect focus point for renewal.

The topic of the sixth presentation within the SUW project was water. Invited artists, also those who live in Księże Małe, together with neighbourhoods, referred to a basic component of Earth, our bodies, as well as cities. Additional part of the exhibition was an architectural workshop focusing on raising consciousness and identity with the local supplies.  

Artists: Amsterdom, Karolina Balcer, Dominika Katarzyna Borkowska, Krzysztof Bryła, Miłosz Flis, Hafciarka, Grzegorz Łoznikow, Adam Martyniuk, Iwona Ogrodzka, Weronika Okoń, Przesuwanie plików, Irmina Rusicka, Grzegorz Stadnik, Ewelina Turkot, Aleksandra Wach, Karolina Włodek

Team: Kamila Wolszczak & Tomas de Loo, Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak (documentation), Jakub Zasada (graphic design)

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