Wrocław, Poland (May 2015)

This time SUW  was a part of a bigger art event – the 16th WRO Media Art Biennale TEST EXPOSURE.The exhibition was held under a title GG, which is an abbreviation of Gadu-Gadu (eng. chit-chat). The theme referred to a Polish instant messaging client popular in the 2000s, and brought up the subject of contemporary interpersonal relations. The location of this edition of SUW was a flat on Górnickiego Street in Wrocław and the flats whereabouts.

Nine projects selected from an open call were presented in the context of the space of the apartment as well as the whole neighbourhood of the tenement. They were also taking the inhabitants into account, engaging them as co-creators and also first audiences. Appreciation for individual interpretations and competences was the key point.

The GG exhibition was again seeking communication in the field of art, where the traditional division of an artist-sender and the audience-receiver blurred out.

Artists: Mariusz Andrzejczyk, Karolina Balcer, Dominika Borkowska, Krzysztof Bryła, Jakub Frank, Matěj Frank, Anna Kosarewska, Kinga Krzymowska, Paweł Marcinek, Irmina Rusicka, Ewelina Turkot, Aleksandra Wałaszek

Team: Kamila Wolszczak, Ewa Głowack (graphic design), Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak (documentation), WRO Art Center (production)

– Information about the exhibition and all artworks
A video documentation