Cartographies of Matter

Cartographies of Matter | Kamila Wolszczak solo exhibition
curated by Xenia Tsompanidou

The Cartographies of Matter exhibition explores the relations formed between bodies and matter through movement. Part of Kamila Wolszczak’s artistic research on speculative artefacts, the works presented form paths and points of traces to experiment with the materiality of public space within the gallery space.

The accelerated rhythm of life in cities has turned them into core grounds for neoliberal politics; our way we move and experience our surroundings becomes more and more individualist. New physical and conceptual connections cannot emerge spontaneously, while relating to other human or more-than-human bodies and structures is deemed almost unnecessary. At the same time, the ecological and social dimensions of our movement are highly overlooked.

How can we re-imagine our co-existence within the urban environment?

Kamila Wolszczak’s research suggests speculation as a counter-practice to reimagine our collective being within the urban environment. The visual artist works with a variety of media and participatory processes, using the practice of walking as the means for deeper exploration. She reads the surroundings of public space as a scenography of human traces and non-human signs waiting to be translated. Her focus is on imaginaries that act as social tools for new possibilities to emerge.

The artist works with combinations of organic matter to other natural or artificial materials such as clay, plastic and glue. The sense of touch works as a guide into experiencing, understanding and co-creating. Driven through curiosity and wander, she proposes an open-ended approach to being with(in) our surroundings by engaging with them in unexpected ways. This alternative practice of cartography proposes a deeper questioning and reflection on the politics of human movement.

The exhibition aspires to create a symbolic space for reflection; an encounter with the aesthetics of waste, dirt, rupture. The narrative revolves around sculptural representations meant to trigger and invite viewers to critically navigate space. The works presented are formed through literal and metaphorical traces left behind; they are references to the overlooked and call for a shift in our perception.

To follow various materials that are socially perceived as dirt is opening a new door to imaginary worlds every single time; new paths of possibilities for collective storytelling.
Kamila Wolszczak

In the frame of the exhibition, the artist will also facilitate a Tactile Walk with Speculative Artefacts, part of her ongoing research.

The exhibition is supported by Stroom Den Haag.

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – June 23 2024
On View: Wednesday – Sunday 13:00 – 18:00

Venue: The Balcony
Nieuwe Molstraat 14-A2, 2512 BK, The Hague
IG: @thebalcony_thehague 

Public program
OPENING: Saturday June 08, 19:00 – 23:00

Tactile walk with Speculative Artefacts
Thursday June 13, 17:00-18:30
with Kamila Wolszczak

A Tactile Walk begins where imagination, touch and movement converge. It happens between warm skin and an unexpected form. It transforms internal imaginations into physical encounters to build a temporary relationship with public landscapes.

A Tactile Walk is a method to communicate with other-than-human beings, found, unknown materials, traces and unseen artefacts in public space.

Tactile Walk is a research-led practice created by visual maker Kamila Wolszczak and supported by ​​Florinda Camilleri, movement practitioner. The Tactile Walk will become a performative, collective drift in Helena Park, center of The Hague.

This walk is a part of the Co-Walking Club program.
Sign up: LINK

Kamila Wolszczak is a The Hague-based Polish visual artist, educator, and researcher. She works with materials that are socially perceived as dirt. She creates installations, performances, and walking experiences in the relations between urban spaces, artefacts, and human traces. She enjoys collaborative projects and co-creation, blending fact with speculation. Kamila received BA in Painting, MA in Art Mediation in Poland, and MA in Performing Public Space Artistic Research in the Netherlands.
IG:@kamila_wolszczak | @speculative.artefacts

Cartographies of Matter with tender curation
Saturday June 15, 17:00-18:00
with Xenia Tsompanidou

A deeper look into the curatorial approach behind Cartographies of Matter. We discuss and reflect on the body of work presented and the related social and environmental topics it addresses.

Xenia Tsompanidou is a curator and producer based in Utrecht. She studied Literature & Culture and Political Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Arts & Society at Utrecht University. She is currently part of the SEA Foundation Tilburg team and a project manager at Fontys Academy of the Arts. She has been involved in the curation and production of exhibitions, independent performances and other artistic projects. Her interests lie within the intersection of art and politics and in radical curatorial practices.
IG: @polyxenia__