La Costa / The Coast [SUW]

Valencia, Spain (December 2012)


The starting point for the project was a coastline or seashore which is the area where the land meets the ocean. A precise line that could be called a coastline cannot be determined due to the dynamic nature of tides. This line is wider than a shore, but its range hasn’t got a precisely defined border. There are various associations concerning a coastline, starting from a beautiful sunset view, through polluted beaches, to weather disasters. However, the concept which most closely reflects the idea of the second edition of the SUW  project was the context of an irregular shore and a contrast between totally different planes.

Taking into account the combined experiences from different geographical regions, the artists wanted to create a different space in Valencia, using art as a means of achieving their goal. They wished to present their works in an independent place during a few hours of one night.

The Coast was an exhibition based on the principles of high tide and low tide – it appeared and disappeared.

13 artists coming from 4 different countries were invited to participate in the exhibition. Their works related to the broad idea of a coast were presented in Ca La Vaga which was a squat in Valencia.

Artists: Fajardo Odette, Federowicz Gabriela, Garcia Virginia and Izquierdo Lorena, Kuźnicka Kamila, Majewska Gaja, Moreno Benigno, Palamaris Giorgos, Tsakoumakou Christina, Villasana Dulce, Wolszczak Kamila, Złoczowski Jacek, Graves Ernest, Jorge Benet

Team: Kamila Wolszczak, Grzegorz Bolibok (graphic design)