Kumów Plebański, Poland (August 2014)
art residency and exhibition

The place of the realisation of the next the SUW  project was a private property with a surface area of 3000 m2 in the centre of the village of Kumów Plebański, Lublin voivodeship in the east part of Poland. The land property has been abandoned after the death of the last inhabitants of Puk family – hence the name of the project. The nearest city, Chełm, is situated only 18 km from the village, but it feels as if it were much further.

The inhabitants of the village are very close to each other. What unites them both mentally and physically is their everyday work with crops and animals. Project was designed with respect to the harmonic way of life of the people – everything was created to keep the most natural and symbiotic interaction between the artists and the recipients. That is why the art residency for all participating artists was organised before the exhibition, so each of them could get to know the space and local society better.

The result of the stay in the village was a one-night exhibition prepared collectively – by ten artists selected from the open call – and presented to the villagers and all the guests. The PUK provoked the confrontation of two different social groups in the search of a common scope of activity – artists and recipients that do not take part in the cultural life.

Artists: Kornelia Dzikowska, Anna Kosarewska, Magdalena Kreis, Adam Martyniak, Michał Mejnartowicz, Marek Ruszkiewicz, Karolina Włodek

Team: Kamila Wolszczak, Anna Wolszczak, Kinga Krzymowska, Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak (documentation), Marcin Romaniuk (graphic design)

* The project was realised under the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

A catalogue of the exhibition
– A video documentation of the process within the art residency: part one and part two