various locations (since 2016)

a series of walks co-guided by locals

This activity (same as the SUWaczek) evolved from the SUW project and developed as a series of walks. Its name is also derived from the mother-project and plays with the meanings of words. ‘Przesuwanie’ in Polish means literally ‘repositioning’, which suits the idea of strolling without any specific plan, map or programme through the unusualities of the city.

The aim of this project lies in the idea of exploring diverse and non-obvious cityscapes, often focusing on abundant areas, wastelands or rather non-touristic fragments and paths. Each walk is co-guided by people who live in the specific place, so they become experts for those who are visiting the space for the first time. Each person participating in the event is invited to speak, tell stories, share opinions and knowledge. It all leads to discovering the history and architecture of the space in  local and current contexts.

So far, there were 15 walks organised in different districts of Wroclaw and 3 in Poznan (as a part of an experimental residency project run by Porta Posnania ICHOT [Brama Poznania]).

A folder with the current program by Porta Posnania ICHOT
– A foto documentation: part 1 and part 2
– A video documentation from Brochów and Księże Małe, PL